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Spelling – Students will get a sheet of notebook paper from the front of the classroom. Students are to write the spelling words for the week we are studying 3 times each. Next, they turn the paper over on the back and begin writing sentences with the spellling words.  Be sure to remind them to write good sentences that make sense.  Also, sentences begin with a capital letter and end with the correct punctuation.

Science – 1. Log in to Google Classroom      2.  Under classwork go to Student Apps and click on Apps      3.  In your SIM, review the parts of the sim and how it works.     4.  Under student books in classroom, go back and reread material we have already covered as enrichment.        5.  Choose a book under student books and go to the glossary at the back.   6.  Starting with the first word, make a sentence using that word correctly for science vocabulary practice.  You may use paper from the lab.



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