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This site contains grade level Fresh Reads on various subjects. Type in 3rd grade Social Studies on the search bar on the site. We have used this site in class on several occasions. The students know how the articles and questions are to be completed. You can also find the answers to the questions on the site. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE READWORKS SITE. 


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Social Studies News

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Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. The OPSB has posted Social Studies lessons on the Home Learning Tab on the website. The topics listed are from the first half of the year. These topics should be familiar to the students. Have the students complete the Instructional tasks for review. ReadWorks is also a good source for Social Studies Topics . This site has Fresh Reads and Question Sets to go with them.The important thing is to keep them reading! If you have any questions, please email me at Remember…..Pepper luvs ya!


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