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Week 4 science assignment

Chapter 2 lesson 4

  1. Why do you think blending in with your environment is an important trait to have? 
  2. Which color mice had the most remaining after reviewing the survival data from the game? 
  3. Which color mice were more likely to meet their needs in their environment and why? 
  4. What do you think would happen or we changed the environment of the mice to a lighter colored environment like a dessert?
  5. Mrs. Cummings misses you!! :) Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Week 3 Distance learning



  1. What do meteorologists look for in their weather data? Patterns 
  2. What is one tool used to measure snow? Ruler 
  3. What are 2 things a data map can show us? Temp/precipitation 
  4. What parts of the country had the warmest and coldest weather based off of the data map?  North/south
Chapter 1 lesson 2 distance learning



  1. Which island did not have much precipitation? Would this be the island we choose for the orangutans to live? 
  2. What is is called when we describe how two or more things are alike or different? 
  3. What 2 tools were used during the last investigation in place of the popsicle sticks? 
  4. Who collected the most rain during the investigation for cup X and Y? How many milliliters were in the 2 fullest cups?
Chapter 1 lesson 1 video for distance learning assignment due 4/24/20


1. What type of habitat do orangutans live in?  

2. Do you think polar bears could live in the same habitat as orangutans? Why or why not? 

3. What does a meteorologist do? 

4. What are the three categories used to describe weather? 

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